Explore, learn and have fun in the great outdoors!

Kodee’s Canoe is an interactive and educational entertainment experience for preschool children. Kodee is a fun loving Kermode Bear who encourages playing outside, being active, exploration and problem solving. Come on in and meet Kodee and his pals!

“ECHO” interactive storybook app wins FWA ‘Mobile of the Day’ award!

In the first “Kodee’s Canoe” Interactive Storybook App, Kodee and his best friend Raccoon don’t know who is calling to them from the island in the middle of the lake. They hop in the Red Canoe and go to find out.


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"Great kids application with professional character design and Easter eggs.  Fun storyline for young children and lots of attention to detail."
Phil Planta
"I love “Echo” and Kodee!  This app is fun, educational and entertaining.  The animation is superb and the graphics are beautiful.  The book is really easy to learn how to use and it’s a lot of fun discovering all the interactive elements.  The “Echo” game is a great companion to the book, it really sounds like a real echo.  I really enjoyed the northwest feel that the book has and I like that it emphasizes curiosity in nature.  I really hope that more Kodee’s Canoe books come out so I can learn more about Kodee and his friends.  Fantastic app, I definitely recommend to buy it!"
Laura Stevens
"This app is awesome.  Lovely visuals, great story, and all sorts of little Easter eggs to enjoy.  It’s beautifully done, with just enough extras to keep it fun without being cluttered or distracting.  We can’t wait for more of Kodee’s adventures!"
Lisa Rhone
"My 3 and 5 year old sons love this app! The art and animation are absolutely beautiful, and the characters are adorable. My sons love to have the app read the story to them, and seem genuinely engaged in the 'mystery' of who is on the island. Their favorite part is the interactive echo generator though, this elicits a lot of giggling!"  
Jo Wright
"This is the cutest interactive book I've ever seen. I love how my kid can interact with all of the characters. And the fact that it's an educational app, is the icing on the cake. Can't wait to see more apps like this."
Richard Greenspan
"This app came highly recommended by friends of ours. My 8 yr old has a fantastic time playing this app. The beautiful designs and interaction animation, your child can record their own voice as the storyteller, mine really liked that they could make their voice echo. I haven't seen anything else like this on the market, very easy to understand plus the educational benefits are endless. As an added bonus our 11 yr old had a great time playing as well. Highly recommend to all children."
Rej Bourdages
"Brilliant visuals and cute storyline!  My 2 girls (ages 4 and 2) were in stitches, playing with the echo game.  Can’t wait to see more of Kodee and his friends in future apps!"
Karen Quan

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