Craft: Maple Seed Helicopters

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Maple Seed Helicopters.

If you have a maple tree near you, you’ll probably have seen a large scattering of maple seeds covering the ground. These seeds are pretty easy to spot because they’re shaped like an insect wing with a little round bulb at the stem. That bulb is the seed. If you’ve seen one of these seeds falling from the tree, you’ll know they twirl all the way down to the ground, like a helicopter.

As the seed twirls down from the tree, the wind carries it away so that it can sprout into a new tree.  In fact, if you pick up a fallen seed, you can drop it again and watch it twirl to the ground right in front of you!

Make your own maple seed inspired Helicopter Game.

Playing with maple seeds can be a lot of fun. Even more fun with this printable game from Kodee!

Don’t worry if you can’t find yourself a maple seed. Kodee has provided a maple seed inspired helicopter for you to use!

What you will need!

  1. Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Paper clip

Step 1.

Download and print out this template.

Step 2.

Cut along the outside line of the two images. Cut along the black lines of the helicopter image.

Step 3.

Holding your helicopter cut-out, fold along the white line, and then attach a paper clip to hold the fold together and give a little weight to your helicopter.

Step 4.

Fold each of the wings of your helicopter at the white lines at base of the “wing” so that they are at a 45 degree angle to the base. Be sure to fold the wings to opposite sides of the base.

Step 5.

Lay your cut-out target on the floor and stand in front of it. Throw your helicopter into the air and try to land it in the center of the target. Wherever the base of your helicopter lands is how many points you can collect.

Challenge your friends! See who can get to 10 points first!

You can also use this game with a maple seed helicopter! Go explore outside and see if you can find one.

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