Craft: Paper Snowflakes

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How to Make a Paper Snowflake.

One of the greatest things about wintertime is watching snowflakes as they fall from the sky and cover the ground in a blanket of white. Did you know that every one of those snowflakes is different and has its own unique design?

Well it’s true! And in today’s Discover Craft you will learn how to make your own unique snowflake that you can display around your home.

What you will need.

  1. Scissors
  2. A square piece of paper


Step 1.

Fold your paper diagonally to make a triangle.


Step 2.

Fold your triangle in half again (making a smaller triangle).


Step 3.

Fold this triangle into “thirds”, along the imaginary lines shown the diagram below:

Fold over the right corner…

Then the left corner…


Step 4.

Flip your paper over so you can see all the layers of paper at the top.  With your scissors, cut diagonally across the top, making sure you cut all levels of paper.  Note – The sharper the angle you cut your paper on, the pointier your snowflake will be!


Step 5.

Now start designing!  Cut triangles and other simple shapes into all the sides of the triangle.


Step 6.

Unfold your snowflake, and look at what you’ve made!  If you’d like to flatten it more, carefully tuck your snowflake under something flat and weigh it down.  Then hang your snowflake from a string, or tape it to a window for some winter decoration!


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