ECHO (Available Now!)

Price: $3.99

Be a part of the story as you follow Kodee and his good friend, Raccoon, in their first interactive adventure. With a unique and charming design, stunning tappable CGI  animation on every page, and a focus on soft science, Kodee’s Canoe will keep children entertained for hours.

Follow Kodee and Raccoon as they find themselves puzzled by the mysterious voices that are coming from a small island on the lake. Who could the strange new voices belong to? It’s time to get in Kodee’s canoe and find out!

Included is a fun feature where you can speak into your iPad and hear your voice return to you as an echo.


  1. Animated intro movie with soundtrack of “Kodee’s Canoe” theme.
  2. Every page comes alive with beautiful CGI animation.
  3. Explore each page by tapping, dragging, pulling or spinning your finger on the screen.
  4. Tap characters or parts of their environment to see different animations.
  5. Read the story with or without the narrator, or record your own narration.
  6. Highlighted read-along text to help children connect the words they hear and see.
  7. Tap the text to hear the storybook words individually.
  8. Explore the concept of echoes further by creating an echo of your own voice within your iPad.



Technical Information

Optimized for iPad2 + running iOS4.3+ (iPad1 not recommended)

For optimum sound quality, speak clearly and closely to the  microphone on your iPad.